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Is gold 2 better then gold 3?

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I am in gold 3 but I was thinking of staying there as it seems that the gold 2 rewards aren't much better. What would you guys do?


  • BrieMine
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    Gold 2 is better the mega pack is all rare
  • TC2289
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    edited October 2016
    I had this thought last week, but I'm sure the gold 2 mega packs are "rare" mega packs which must mean all 35 items are rare, so with the extra coins I think gold 2 is better, not that I made it anyway ended up 2 wins short lol.
  • You might as well get as many wins as you can to get higher up the monthly rankings too
  • YEs
  • I have got gold 3 the last 2 weeks and I got 150k the first time from it and second time I made 200k , thanks to IF Kante
  • InfernaL
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    Gold 2 is so much better. More coins in the first place, but then you also get the all rare 35k packs, 2 of them + a 25k pack. And you almost always get something decent in them. 50k packs are crap, the chance of you pulling something good from them is lower, even though 12 rare players.

  • Yeah gold 2 is much much better, all everyone should do is go for as many wins as possible.
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