Can someone explain how FUT Club Value is determined ?? ( no idea where to ask this )

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Hello folks, No idea where to ask this question. I used search feature first and nothing.

Past few weeks my club value has skyrocketed and I have no idea why . My mates have much more valuable players than I and my club is valued at 40+ Million more .

Why is that ?? I just so curious to know this.. I also would like to know why my club value has dropped 15+ million in one day... Selling too many players ??

Thanks in advance lads


  • Raymondo123
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    Most likely selling players.
  • Frankenberry
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    Your club value is calculated by the player cards in your club. It's an arbitrary "value" that has nothing to do with their actual coin value on the market.

    For example, you can buy 100 bronze players and increase your club value by more than if you buy 1 Pelé.
  • Quinn87
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    It's literally just based on how many players you have I think bud.
  • seamus
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    Yes the more players you have the higher your value ... that's really all there is to it. Quality does not matter only quantity.

  • Adrian095
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    4 IF -> (rating+15)3,
    Rare -> rating3,
    Regular -> (rating-15)3. Divide the result by two.

    so an IF rodriguez with a rating of 88 would be (88+15)3 = 1,092,727 of club value
  • NornIron
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    I dont have a clue but ive always had high value clubs because i keep alot of bronze and silvers was around 20th in the leaderbroard in 14/15 but had to sell alot of players to get out of it because of all the messages asking for coins.
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