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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team No-Loss / Disconnect Glitch

I'm here to report a glitch affecting Ultimate team especially
you. I have entered the draft and people keep on disconnecting and getting a win as soon as they are in the lead. People are winning the online draft very easily by scoring a goal and then forcing a disconnect by pausing the game, going to the PS4 menu entering Twitch, choosing the first video and as soon as it loads going back to FIFA. Talked to an Advisor and told me to post it here to get the Developers to fix it. It's annoying people disconnect as soon as you start winning or they disconnect as soon as they score first going on the next round. I replayed my Semi-Final 5 times.


  • fixedgame
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    don't worry you get nothing if you win it anyway. I have won it 4 times paying 15k coins each time and got back 8k worth of items, 7k worth 14k worth and 20k worth so have made a loss. that includes a 100k pack which i got 10k worth of items in.
  • suraj_1
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    Ye you r right
  • Its a drain every time i get a few games in someone always has to do the hack. its really sad that no one wants to play fifa no more. or even lose for instance, like once its fixed i will enjoy ultimate team again
  • suraj_1
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  • This glitch is awful and has ruined the market too.... Player prices have dropped so much due to the fact that everyone is winning the draft.
    As mentioned by the OP FIFA has a new game mode "golden goal" lol whenever someone scores they quit.
  • I just playing a daily knockout match in a FINAL. Then 0:0 in 1st half and then 2nd half, I won a penalty with Carrasco. Then when I take penalty and scored it, my opponent disconnect right after the goal highlight was played. After that disconnect. EA blame me for disconnection and say I'm the DNF guy. BUT MY F**KING INTERNET IS INTACT. THE WORST I LOSS ALL MY PROGRESS IN THE DAILY KNOCKOUT. I HAVE ENOUGH OF THIS PS4 GLITCH SAGA. **** EA MUST LET ME RECOVER THE PROGRESS.
  • And actually why there are no official FIFA 17 support personnel to reply and resolve the issue for the victims? THIS IS WORSE ROCKSTAR GAMES except it always take few minutes to load into GTA Online.
  • suraj_1
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    Only members are here, support staff
  • Ive been banned already
  • Umox
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    Happened to me twice today while trying to qualify for fut champions weekend. Wasted 2 attempts in the process. Come on EA fix this already it's killing fifa for me. I've bought many fifa packs are you going to refund me due to having a broken game??
  • Just to inform, glitch still exists and ea still doesn't show no interest on fixing it
  • dmc
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    I was winning one game 4-0 there before half time and the other person disconnected and it exited me out UT and gave me the DNF and took the game off my online seasons. I then was winning another game 4-0 and around the 70th minute after scoring my fourth the exact same thing happened so I can confirm with the person above that the glitch is still not fixed. I hope FIFA can fix this, until then UT is not worth playing as people can not win fairly and if they are, they are losing due to this "glitch"
  • Still isn't fixed, I've just played 2 games where I have been winning in both of them by 3 goals, the opponent pauses then leaves but it says that I have disconnected from the EA servers, meaning I get the loss and my DNF bonus goes even lower. Happened to me on multiple occasions before this as well.
  • I was winning a game 4-0 early in the 2nd half then my opponent paused it right after i made it 4-0 so i was thinking hes going to quit but the game said I LOST my connection and it gave me a loss. i am so rattled right now i thought they patched it or is it just in fut champs? this was in seasons.
  • I was winning in a match for promotion I was winning 7-0 then in the 90Th minute my opponent pauses then I end up getting disconnected, same thing happened in the next match I played I was winning 3-0 then the opponent paused and I got disconnected. While the night before I got force disconnected by my opponent in fut draft. Honestly is pisses me off because I takes so much time for me to get back those coins
  • I was winning in a match for promotion I was winning 7-0 then in the 90Th minute my opponent pauses then I end up getting disconnected, same thing happened in the next match I played I was winning 3-0 then the opponent paused and I got disconnected
  • I could never do something like that, id rather earn my wins and take losses then cheat to win/not lose games.
  • KTC
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    Come on EA I was winning opponent 4:0 before HT and he disconnected. You then tell me I DnF?!?!?!?!?! It was my PROMOTION GAME come on. Are you kidding me. Fine next time when I'm losing I'll just disconnect, because logic doesn't exist here anyway.
  • Why is this still happening? It's happened in my last 4 drafts and I have been fobbed off by EA support staff with connection advise and port opening. My internet is fine as my chat party is unaffected.
  • Rich_italy
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    Same for me guys, was winning 3-0 after 20 mins and they said that I got disconnected. Very sad, I can't get promoted this season..
    EA do something for us!!
  • This happened to three of my games last night and another tonight. Comfortably winning all 4 games! How are other players doing this? It's pointless playing UT as I'm not getting coins or points.
  • FedupFUTUser
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    Have to agree with all of the above. lost promotion game to Div 2 when leading 2 - 0 in 80th mon. Lost connection to EA servers booted out then DNF. Has happened 3 times today. Ultimate team no longer enjoyable until this is fixed. Losing coins and patience. EA can't or won't fix this. Will I get the coins back I've lost, no. Chances of packs in Draft, no. So why should we continue to support a company by buy a game year after year where they can't fix code that allows cheaters to ruin it for others. To lose is one thing but to be robbed of a genurine hard fought game is disgusting. You make thousands from the game, fifa points sales etc. Invest some of that profit back to the people that put you where you are financially. Just had to get that off my chest. . and breathe!
  • I have only just started playing online again and i have been disconnected twice in three games at the moment that i scored a second goal to go 2-0 up.
  • I thought this was fixed but it just happened to me 2 times in a row. First match i already won after fighting back from 2-0 down but i got disconnected before i could get my match rewards. Second game i was up 1-0 at half and got booted. So frustrating because they were both promotion games. :(
  • Outl
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    Happened to me right now 2 times .. Where can i send a video proof to report the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ? EA is sleeping or what
  • Outl
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    Where can i send a video to report the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ?
  • I usually play seasons and haven't had this problem when opponents disconnect. Wonder why it's only affecting FUT
  • I've never raged so much in my life like I did earlier in fut champions, won all my games including the final just to be disconnected as soon as the game ends, it's a f**king joke that ea are more concerned about coin buyers and stuff then fixing a glitch which prevents deserved winners of a game from winning, never known such a terrible game developer than ea
  • Had 3 games left to gain a point for promotion. Last two games have been thrown out or disconnect glitched even before I'd scored but was on top in each game. Thrown back to menu and find I've been DNF'd and lost 2 games! I have NEVER quit even when being thumped 8-0. EA when are you going to look into this and ban these cheats. Even if they're getting nothing but some form of perverse or malicious kicks from it surely they can be penalised IP wise or something. I've played FIFA since the Mega Drive days and I've never been so frustrated.
  • Amala14
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    After completing a FUT online season match instead of showing the match stats straight after it loads for about a minute or so, then "The EA servers are unable to process your request at the current moment, please try again later" pops up and then kick you off ultimate team. When trying to go back into ultimate team you get "an error occurred downloading the FUT Squad update, please try again. Finally when you get back in ultimate team it comes up with a DNF. Same thing happen to anyone else, this is very annoying?!
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