Good Wide CAM's (4-2-3-1)?

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Who, preferably Premier League but could definitely sub some guys on. After using the formation for the silver tourney, I really like it, although the wide CAM's are the pseudo-wingers thus need to have some pace and power. Just wondering if anyone has done the job for you or if you seen a CAM play really well as a wide player. Thanks for any input


  • iBraNdzaa
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    There arent really good silver CAM's in the premier league mate
  • Reece Tha BEAST
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    do they have to be silver
  • Slipend
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    Assuming you mean Golds Coutinho looks the only viable premier league option.
  • DirtyDishFC
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    I didnt mean silver CAM's. Just that I used it in the Silver tourney. Thus I want to find some for the Prem?

    Yeah Countinho stands out, Maybe Chadli's IF? Another option is switching in game and I was thinking maybe someone like Nolito if I switched wide 4-2-3-1 to the more compact one. IF Shaqiri maybe?
  • IF Sanchez can be converted down from striker to wide CAM. Welbeck as well. KDB can play out wide. Same with SBC Payet. Eriksen and Bojan may be decent shouts as well. With that formation I found passing with the wide CAMs to be more useful than pace, although one pacey wide CAM is helpful.
  • iBraNdzaa
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    Definitely coutinho would be great or the SBC Payet anyone agile will be great dont necessarily have to be fast as long as theyre agile
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