Career Mode as a Player: Questions

So okay, I know the kits don't change even if the team gets promoted but what about your pay?

Does it only go up if you leave the team you start at? I'm gettin transfer offers that are a bit crazy but my team still only pays me 2,300 a week even though we know in League 1 from League 2 and took some silverware.

Also, does anybody know if you can ever become team captain?

Also, if you're so good that the team of your nationality wants you, is there anyway to refuse to go? I was fighting for my team to have a perfect record but got sent to the Italian Team and while I was away my team got a draw and then happened to be playing that same team again when I was sent away and lost that time.


Thanks in advance for your answers.


  • KBS_Blades
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    Unfortunately your wage stays the same unless you change team.

    As far as I know you can't become captain.

    If you're called up to the national team but don't want to play, you can simulate to the day after an international game on the calendar to avoid playing.
  • Thanks for the reply.

    Well that sucks and makes no sense to me. You'd think they would try to keep you if you good and also make you team captain especially if you carrying the team.

    On the international thing, cause they send you away that doesn't work. What will happen is I have two International games. One the day before a game with my team and another 3 or 4 days after that. I get sent away and the messed up thing is they don't even use me for the first game which means I should have been allowed to play with my team so they don't lose.

    So I guess for 2 games my team just going to get a draw or lose cause they suck. Irritating.

    I hope they figure out how to mod FIFA and fix this crap. Proper League Patches, Contract Reviews if you stay with your team so loyalty can pay off, be able to be team captain (I know it does nothing but so lol), not have to leave your team to play for International team, and a partridge and a pair tree! LOL
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    I feel the same. It would make sense if you could demand a higher wage and depending on your performance the manager could turn down your request or enter into contract talks with you.

    You're right about the international matches. I always like being called up to the national team so I'll happily play the games I selected for. Like you, my team usually lose or draw while I'm away which is frustrating.
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