Players to sign

Starting a career mode with an SPL club just to make things harder. Actually get a decent budget for signing players but it's tricky with the boards expectstions (not spending to much, not increasing the wage bill to much, etc..) so knowing that I'll only have a few hundred k max to spend on players can anyone recommend decent signings with low(ish) wages. I've made a shortlist but not sure there what I'm looking for.


  • Adam Armstrong ST Newcastle starts at 70 and can get him up to at least 80
    James Maddison CAM Norwich same stats
    Will Hughes CM Derby
    Reece Oxford CB West Ham
    Aarons LM Newcastle
    Get them on loan if you can't afford to buy them.
  • Dexx73
    78 posts Park Captain
    Yes get some loanees in,also free agents are great for your first season. Then in second season get some players on free transfers.
  • ST Conor Chaplin
    CM Cameron McGeehan
    CM Jack Thomas
    CB Nordi Mukiele
    GK Mile Svilar
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