Just an Idea for EA

I wonder whether EA would be interested in introducing a player reward for milestones or tournament win. Ect! The idea would be that you could choose a player to have in you squad that is un tradeable.
Depending on level reach or tournament won would determine value of player card pick!

EA won't introduce a straight player card purchase system as it would limit the amount of pack openings, but maybe a reward could work!

For me I like using my favourite players (Chelsea) it would be nice to have a way to get the latest card without having to spend 100's on fifa point with no guarantee of getting anything.
If EA had rewards like this along the way it would make the game more fun, I think! Just an opinion!
What do u guys think? Any other ideas?


  • DiFFeRenT_Gr4vY
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    I think EA want you to spend 100's
  • Yeah, probably! But I don't think they would loose out too much if the rewards were challenging enough!
  • Imtnt
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    money money money
  • Darfi02
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    They gave us Green Keane untradeable and IF Honda tradeable in another FIFA for Tournament which were nice . I think they should have a special free pack that you can get after so many games played (lets say 250 or something like that) that guarantees you will pull an 85 plus player in it.
  • Imtnt
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    actually they did rewards as hero and inform cards if you played the Community Weekend
    Big Tournament Rewards – there will be three new tournaments over the weekend. Play at least one match in any of the Community Weekend tournaments to win one of 3000 rare tradable In-Forms! (Winners will be chosen at later date.) - Full list of available In-Forms below.

    they would be tradable either
    but when or who? how they choose the customers? didnt bother to wonder because it wont be me B)

  • slickus
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    Half decent things in the catalogue will do for me
    1k coin boosts are ok at the start but lvl 90plus still 1k
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