[PC] Bonafide - small club looking to expand with international blood

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Dear fellow club players.

Just like the title suggests, we are looking to add some internationals into our currently small team - Bonafide. We are a group of 4 czechoslovakian players and we have, sadly, exhausted the pool of good players from our native countries. Which means that from now on we are open to international players.

Why you might be interested to play with us:
  • we are very ambitious and competitive (check out our stats on https://www.easports.com/fifa/pro-clubs)
  • we play highly engaging football with emphasis on passing and dribbling and I can promise you that you won't be stuck playing crosses with us (we hate those actually)
  • good positions are available, plus we are open to rotation if you want to change position
Still interested? Great, but do you pass these requirements?
  • good, if not great average match rating (we will not consider anything less then 7.0)
  • competitive and semi-serious attitude with ambition to win division 1, consistently
  • no major technical difficulties (for example, lagy internet connection, constant crashes, etc.)
If so, then here are the profiles we are interested in:
  • midfielder winger
    (very good dribbling and awareness, ability to play in tight spots and not loose the ball, bonus points if you can also help as a front striker if our main guy is absent)
  • midfielder central
    (more on the defensive side playing as CDM or CM, ability to withstand highly pressurized midfield zone and intercept opponents movements and passes)
  • defender central/winger
    (aggressive but not headless, someone who gets a kick out of chasing opponents around and tackling the shiz out of them, also able to support our build-up play)
You can either post in this thread, or contact me on Origin directly (Maxim_SVK).
Nice clubbing.
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