Pro Career - Not getting selected

Hi Guys,

So I have been having an issue where I can't get my Be a Pro player selected in Career Mode. The story so far is I started at Leeds in the Championship.

I used the 5% increase and started on 72 rating as a CAM, I then did training drills in between games and found myself not getting picked, was simming games up until January, where I requested a loan move. I got a move to Port Vale in League One who were 11th in the table..

I got picked there nearly every game, I managed to help them to promotion to the Championship through the play-offs and boosted my rating up to 78 by the end of the season.

Upon being recalled to Leeds, the season has started and the same thing has happend.. not getting picked! I am a Leeds United supporter and even I know with FIFA stats a player of 78 rating should be getting picked in that team.

Anyone else had anything like this? or can suggest what to do? Maybe go for another loan move to boost stats even more? (They did reject a transfer request when I came back as well).

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