The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.
Note: The SBCs issue has been resolved, details posted on this thread in a tweet from FIFA Direct Communication.

Had it.

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Right EA please for the love of god and my patience can you resolve the gameplay issues.

CPU - player strength is beyond a joke

Shielding the ball - CPU has inhuman strength and scope to constantly shield the ball. Is ridiculous what football do you lot watch!!!

Passing - This is literally a gamble every time you hit the button. On semi manual or assisted its all over the shop.

AI Intelligence - please add some

Player hindering - Why do things just stop working like sprint or your shooting is mental, passing, AI shamble runs/marking.

Players blocking shots - This is truly despicable that your own player runs constantly into your shots.

Bookings fouls - CPU does what it wants. Players can't touch CPU.

Handball - I haven't had one handball given for me yet. CPU has at least go it's way a game.

Sliders - why do they exist. Because you are too lazy to fix basic programming issues.

Lack of real game feel - playing legendary at the moment and I have most possession a game most shots etc etc etc.....Yet CPU has one shot and scores. This goal usually comes from a Deflection or my very favourite an own goal. The computer generally gets to my box in the 85 minute after doing nothing all game and some mad **** happens and the ball goes in. Also the CPU build up to this goal is by having inhuman strength with any player in the game and hold off any challenge.

Super play - The worst. When suddenly the CPU becomes unplayable with any team for a period. 1000 mile an hour passes controlled perfectly of course all the way to your goal with super strong players. The 40 yard sonic boom blast shot.

Button recognition - run towards a CPU play and press your skill button and it will hold off waiting for the skill move. The CPU reads what you are doing via button pad recognition it's not scripting it just knows when and what you plan to do.

Fed up
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