Career mode in general is too easy.

So I already know about the "Legendary is too easy" post and I 100% agree with that post and have already commented on it with my thoughts. However, is it just me or should there be a difficulty for the career mode itself? What I mean is outside of the gameplay should certain parts of career mode be more difficult than what they are? I feel like I'm Career Mode you can literally plan out everything you want to do and go and do it, which we all know in real life that's not how football works for managers. I'm sick of seeing posts of people's career modes in like 2025 and all of them having the same names such as Bellerin, Dembele, Dybala, Pogba etc. So, my first point is transfers; why is it that on pretty much any career mode after one season you can buy whoever you want aslong as you pay up? It doesn't work like that, if you start a career mode with Liverpool you shouldn't be able to just buy Cavani because you wanted him or for that matter Chelsea shouldn't just be able to buy Varratti? I don't know why it's so easy to buy big world class players. Look at the Pogba deal in real life and okay yes it happened but how long did it take? It was such a long, boring, difficult process that on FIFA takes about 2 weeks and a couple of emails. Way to easy to buy world class players.
My next point is the opposition. Again I'm not talking the game difficulty, I'm referring to other clubs intentions off the pitch, such as transfers, tactics and managers. Why don't other clubs buy players they need? Sure they go out and buy players, most of the time crazy unrealistic transfers but why are they never players they need? Chelsea always buy centre backs? Maybe one would be okay but 2-3? Why don't clubs evaluate the positions they can improve on? Liverpool should be looking at a LB in the first transfer window for example but generally they go out and buy more strikers or more midfielders that they don't need. Seams stupid. This is the biggest one for me, its too easy to win the league or trophies on the game because the rivals always swam to slip up and drop points at the crucial moments like on career mode you can win the premier league with like 78 points. I know it's possible in real life but it's rare, however on FIFA you never get teams that absolutely run riot once every couple of seasons, it's always close or easy. I just think they could make it more difficult to succeed.


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    agreed with this and everything you said on the "legendary too easy" thread. Thats the crux of it. I just think its clear this year that they are putting the dagger in CM. Which when you think about the history of Fifa in general, is really sad/disgusting.
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    Was waiting for this.

    No matter what team I start with, within 6 seasons I can get to a point where I win every trophy and have an elite squad. Even starting with league 1 teams.

    This is so poor and unrealistic..
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    CM R.I.P.
  • I played the fifa games from 09-17 and for me the ai are not as fun to play against now. They use to have more of a desire to attack and look more dangerous against you which made the game more about goals and was 'on the edge of your seat' stuff. Now they are too defensive and boring and it takes the fun away. Even good teams don't play good on legendary and look no threat on legendary. Games seem just too one sided to the player to the point where big games are easy. It needs to cut out making your players worse on a higher diffculty and make it more enjoyable and tense by going back to the way of the good days.
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