IF Salah , IF lmmobile opinions

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Did anybody use Salah yet?
No idea if hes worth the coins , as l dont see Cuardado as good as l expected.

Using Eder or sometimes even Gabbiadini as striker actually they are doing a decent job but this lmmobilie card looks really good.


  • YaaDon
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    I've vsed someone using IF Salah and he was insane. Quick, dribbles like a king.
  • ryleeboy
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    Have immobile stick a hawk chem on him and he's deadly haven't used salah as i dont play with wingers atm
  • dbslbu
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    I've used both, Salah is great, reminds me of his TOTS last year. Got IF Immobile untradebale through the gold upgrade SBC and to be honest he's been awful for me. No goals or assits in 6 games. Seems to miss hit everything shotwise and cannot pass to save his life.
  • Dylan98SWFC
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    I've only played with NIF Immobile but have a tradepile full of IF. I will probably try him out, his normal was scoring goals I'd never dream of.Gabbiadini was completely useless for me, just slow and didn't offer much in terms of finishing. Shame I can't fit both SBC Gio and Eder in a team with Immobile without going to a formation I'm not a fan of.
  • dbslbu
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    Slightly (well very) off topic but.... I've got a nice Hbrid with SBC Jonas and CBS Gio. Use Kaka to link them and Pirlo and Danilo to get full chem for the top 2, then Brazialian and Italian defenders from Calco A.

    I do have one with SBC Gio and IF Immobile but it's all Italian so pretty easy without hybriding!
  • gregeth2000
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    I bought IF Immobile and he seemed terrible for me, couldnt pass or make any decent runs. I now have IF Mandzukic as back up to Higuain and Mandzukic is quality! I have a hunter card on him so he has decent pace, finishes everything in the box whether its on the floor or in the air, and his hold up play is fantastic!
  • NikiSmith
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    IF Immobile didn't do it for me either. Played him with Hunter, and Eder with Hawks seems so much better at everything.
  • Orikoru
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    I use IF Immobile. I quite like him. He hasn't banged loads of goals, but he plays in a front two with IF Balotelli, and he has a few assists to make up the difference. Balotelli is better though, if you can get him in just on Italian links.
  • dbslbu
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    Yeah, I had IF Balotelli for a bit, he was great, strong and double 4*, far, far more effective than Immobile for me anyways!
  • YaaDon
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    Thanks for the reviews. Bought immobile eventually must try him out :smirk:
    Probably will get salah too as well.
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