Premier League Table

Hi. Can i ask if any of you encountered in your career mode unrealistic table standings? For instance im halfway through my first EPL season, and palace and stoke are in the top four while city and united are well off the top 4 standings. Is there anyway to remedy this?


  • MJHD91
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    I had this too but by the end of the season the top 6 teams were Chelsea, West ham, spurs, united, city and arsenal. I was West ham hence why they were so high. I believe by the end of the season it'll look much more realistic. Except Liverpool finished around 12th.
  • hedop
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    Yep same here. ManU and Liverpool dropped out of the top 4 or 5 with Liverpool having to fight relegation all the way. Man City recovered and came in 5th, Spurs and Arsenal pretty much fought for 2nd and 3rd all season long with Chelsea clinching it in the end. Boro came 6th, Leicester came 5th and Palace 7th.
  • Dayum, that really ruins the in game realism. Then again irl Leicester won the league but that's only 1 exception. In game there's too many unrealistic positions
  • If you not playing on a certain matchday and you see unrealistic results after you moved forward on your calendar. Exit and reload your saved career mode and move ahead again. Results do change.
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