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Anyone tried Fosu-Mensah?

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edited October 2016
From FIFA 11 to FIFA 15 I was playing pretty much only silvers, I love them so much, but now I need some more competetive team for FUT Champs. Was wondering if Fosu-Mensah is actually good in-game this year? Good enough to handle gold teams? Didn't try Silvers yet this year, still grinding coins.

Would replace Can on a CDM spot, Can is decent but still not the perfect guy that I am looking for.

Here's my team



  • Quinn87
    1898 posts Fans' Favourite
    Only played a couple of games with him, he feels alot slower than his 80 pace. Good defensively though.
  • TheRaq
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    Pace shouldn't be a big issue, before Can I've had Schneiderlin for 60 games which is way slower. I just want some brick wall in destruction that is gonna win headers from goalkeepers and clean everything in front of the pen area, Can is really good on the ball but I found him pushing forward too often.
  • Blake
    4830 posts National Call-Up
    I mean hes fast and black so
  • TMaher7
    1085 posts Professional
    I've had him, don't rate him that highly.

    Usually bring him on when Strootman/Rijkaard are knackered.
  • Adiabatic
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    Personally Can is my favourite midfielder but try Fellaini.
  • coatsy
    32197 posts National Team Captain
    @TMaher7 how is FR?
  • TheRaq
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    Got one with the backbone style, will give him a go before the FUT Champs begin. Thanks for opinions guys.
  • iD33J91
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    I think he's excellent. Use a Sentinel chem card onnim and he's not out of place in gold teams!! Genuinely think he's ace. Not someone who'll rake up goals and assists but in terms of a destroyer he's perfect
  • DirtyDishFC
    11028 posts Moderator
    Very good. Just dont expect him to be much more than a destroyer and you will like him. I would think of an artist as a chem card to boost his dribbling and passing plus its usually lying around in your club or for 200 coins
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