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InForms this year - are they worth it?

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edited October 2016
So after all that drama about IF's in FIFA 16, do you feel like In Forms are real improvements from the NIF versions of players this year? I am not asking if it's worth to pay sometimes even few times more than for the NIF versions, but do you feel at least SLIGHT difference?


  • Dodds
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    Yeah they've got great upgrades imo.
  • Sixtech
    2996 posts National Call-Up
    I dont know but i have IF Manolas and IF Salah on my fitness team and they are great. Did not try the NIF but the IFs surely are better. IF Valencia is my CM and he is the perfect beast. I can recommend him.
  • pittphan
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    I can't see any difference at all. Either the gameplay is smooth and even, and you will win if your the better player (no matter what team you have) or it is laggy and glitchy and even iF Robaldo cannot get a shot off in front of goal when he has 10 yards of free space.
  • Dan2501
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    I think so. IF Milner is fantastic.
  • Recardo
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    only tried one as a test.

    my NIF mandzukic outscored my IF.

    actually missed more headers with the IF
  • TheRaq
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    Seems like everyone has his own opinion. I was very dissapointed with IF Medunjanin last year, who was way worse, than his NIF version, which was brilliant. Will stick to NIF players for now on, cheaper and less risk haha. Thanks for sharing opinions guys.
  • Big Irish 42
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    Position changes are the best reason for IF's this year to me. Some lower players that get big upgrades from first IF's seems pretty sweet too. I packed IF Arnautovic from Weekend League rewards and he is a beast (with hunter hes like 93 pace 92 shot) but I would've never thought to buy him otherwise.
  • valentiii
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    Yes. In previous years they weren't good because of the chemistry issue. But this year thats not the case so you actually feel the upgrade now
  • Astro_Ry
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    Tried a bunch already, didn't notice any real difference. Think I'm sticking strictly to NIF unless packed.. and even then might sell on.
  • JC
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    Only used his NIF a handful of times but IF Manolas is ridiculously good for me.
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