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The refereeing is just awful

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I'm actually fine with gameplay this year; it's not perfect but whatever. But what I can't stand is the inability or unwillingness to program functional refereeing in this game. I played five friendly season matches and my opponent was called for 1 foul. In five matches. He was sliding in from everywhere, battering my players across the pitch. 1 foul. To be fair, I think I was only called for 2 or 3.

At this point, why even bother having ref?. At the very least, EA has had enough years to figure out that tackling from behind is a foul. Is anyone else having the same experience with the refs?


  • Alergi
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    Sometimes I wonder if we are playing rugby or football
  • CFCHenri
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    Same, game doesn't awards fouls, and give bookings to dirty tackles, lots of behind slide tackles. You can tell they don't watch football as shirt pulling is a yellow card but its in the game since I believe FIFA 13 and only a foul is awarded if it happens too long or player falls down.
  • Stkyfngz
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    behind slide tackles need to be called, i don't care if there's no card, they need to be called.
  • TheMightyBee
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    Fouling and shirt pulling have been a major problem for the last few games, they've made a great rugby game.
  • Notformeclive
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    It's beyond ridiculous, I know 'soccer' isn't that big in Canada I'm actually wondering if they have the right sport.
    Why create a game with the slogan "Play Beautiful" and then make pulling, pushing and shoving a more prominent feature than passing?

    Throw in being able to slide through people without committing a foul and you have recipe for a thoroughly unpleasant game, not sure what is "Beautiful" about having every player molested each time you receive possession of the ball.

    If you are the wrong side of someone in a football match and you pull them back it's a yellow card, you cannot just keep dragging them back (so long as they don't fall over it's fine).
    If you go to ground (slide tackle) and take out the player it is (generally) a yellow card, you are lucky if you get a free kick on this game.

    They should just remove the fouling button (basically what it is) and just have automated contact between the players when they are close or failing that just swap the goals for Rugby/American Football/AFL posts.
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