An easy way of getting fouled?

I really want to get fouled every so often so that I can take free kicks because my free kick accuracy is currently 63 (other stats like shot power and long shots are in the 90s so that is how I'm taking free kicks for the national team) but its quite difficult to get fouled against the A.I. I'm currently playing on professional and about every 6 or 7 matches there will be a free kick for my team in a scoring position (at the moment I am playing for Real Madrid so James and Bale are currently the free kick takers, this is also 2019 so Ronaldo is in decline) I would usually just call for the ball in this situation. So is there anyway of me getting a free kick whenever I'm maybe playing for my national team or if James or Bale isn't on the pitch? I've tried nearly everything from timing when somebody is about to tackle to finding a skill move that could instantly draw a foul. I'm also a five star skiller so is there any skill moves that are very easy to execute and draw a foul or is there a very simple way of getting tackled easily?


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