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I dont claim to be the best player on FIFA, just like to have fun.

For years I have been playing career mode on semi-pro difficulty and started fifa17 on this level as well.
Started a career with Man Utd and was comfortably winning matches and finding it fairly easy to score and didnt have much to defend as it was so easy to dispossess . It is so easy to outrun their full backs down the wing to get a cross in the box, the opposition also give you loads of space everywhere on the park.

So halfway through my season I switched to professional and found this a huge leap up.
No matter who I played it has always been the same. Always had more shots than the opposition but keepers seem to be superhuman, nothing gets past them.

Nearly every game I have played have been 0-0 at half time!

Can no longer sprint down the wings and get a cross in the box but was quite happy with this as I was fed up of scoring from crosses out wide. The opposition closes you down inside their half which forces me to play the same way each time, playing quick one touch passes into space and trying to work the ball through the middle of the park to my main striker on the edge of the box, but this is risky and I always get dis-possessed. Even crossing from out wide their defence always win the header, even with Pogba or Ibra in the box.

I then end up getting frustrated trying to score as time runs out so go more attacking, this is usually the time when they go up the other end and score!

Shooting also seems to be more tricky, shots that would have hit the back if the next on semi-pro seem to fly wide or high on professional.

One example was EFL cup in my 2nd season away vs Oxford. We dominated that game, had so many shots and chances but couldn't score, seemed like it was scripted...sure enough we lost on pens.

Finished 3rd in my first season, most of my wins were 1-0, most defeats were 0-1.

End of the season Mata wanted out and the board sold him. :-(
Depay left, Van Persie left after a half-season return to Old Trafford.
Fellaini was scooped up by Norwich on deadline day.
Carrick retired

We brought in...
James Rodriguez
Renato Sanches
Alessandro Florenzi

5 games into season 2. In the League played 5, won 2 lost 3. All of these games bar a 0-2 defeat at home to Chelsea, we have been by far the better team.

I want to stay on professional but just finding it so frustrating, a lot of you guys probably think this level is way too easy for yous so does anyone have any tips they can give me?

Here is my typical starting 11
GK -De Gea
RB- Florenzi
CB- Smalling
CB- Bailly
LB- Shaw
CM- Pogba
CM- Renato Sanches
RM- Mkhitaryan
CAM- James Rodriguez
LM- Martial
ST- Aubameyang


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    Watch livestreams or recorded playthrough (not the highlights ones), observe and learn from them...
  • I found jumping from semi-pro to pro quite challenging as well in fairness but it just toke time and eventually I started winning matches.

    I think it's just that you were getting very comfortable with playing on semi-pro that when you changed it to pro it got a lot more difficult.

    what I noticed about switching from semi-pro to pro was that dribbling past opponents was even more difficult than before I would say that passing is a lot harder but it is the best way to go once you pick off the perfect pass or through ball then its an instant goal! I noticed that once I scored one goal against the opponent they got a lot more attacking making it a lot easier to break away and score.

    if you are finding it difficult to defend then try jockeying the opponent with L2 or LT and using the stand tackle which is O or B when close to the opponent you could also preassure players with R1 this draws in a second defender to help tackle the opponent. for shots I would suggest finesse shots (R1 and O or RB and B.) as they usually fly in every time you're in front of goal.

    If it is still to difficult I then try looking at sliders on YouTube (they can sometimes make it easier but it really depends on the difficulty) apart from that practice makes perfect, good luck. :smiley:
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