The futility of negotiating with loan players ft. lack of focus

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So I've been doing a Portsmouth career and because of the absolutely poverty budget when I got promoted to League 1 I went for 2-year loan deals and thought I was actually doing well. Got Kaputszka from Leicester, Oxford, and Rashford, with future fees of 7, 2, and 12.5 million respectively. Everything went top tier because legendary is stupid, and at the end of the 2 years I had just won promotion to the Premier League.

Went into July, was told I'd to choose whether or not to exercise my right to purchase them. They were first team players, apart from Rashford who was my second striker, so obviously I chose to. First issue was they all requested to be payed nothing a week, which I at first thought would be great because they'd accept anything.

Long story short, a 20-year-old Reece Oxford who had spent more of his professional career with me than with West Ham turned down an eventual £1 million a week deal (I went back and bought a financial takeover solely to see how stupid it would get) because he felt "settled" where he was. The other 2 turned down around £300k and at that point I just gave up.

At the start of the next season I signed Kaputszka and Oxford they both took £50k contracts. Rashford who I had grown to 83 would cost about £40 million which I obviously don't have and wouldn't pay anyway.

This is going off on a bit of a tangent but his refusal, money aside, is the most confusing to me, because he's going back to a United where he's never going to play because they have Kane (90), Griezmann (91), Icardi (87), Lewandowski (89), Janssen (84), Martial (88), Aubameyang (87) and Rooney (79), all of whom play ahead of him, and then there's also Emre Mor, James Wilson, Will Keane, and some regen youth player. He turned down being a crucial first team player at a team who have won 3 consecutive title-winning promotions to be joint 9th choice striker at United.

And also since I may as well tack it on, what even is the point of the manager popularity rating thing. I just loaded my save to check the ridiculous United attack for this thread and my rating went from 85 to 65 for absolutely no reason.


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    Lol were you expecting football manager detail from ea?
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    N4p0l3onic wrote: »
    Lol were you expecting football manager detail from ea?

    Don't need a complex and nuanced engine to see that a player turning down £1 million a week to play first-team football in the Premier League and then taking £50k a week literally 10 days later is stupid.
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    EA, Please fix your Career Mode! Reading stories like this is disappointing. Shame on you EA, Shame on you!
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