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Hi guys, I thought I would share with you my Career Mode Stat Tracker that I have made especially for Fifa 17 Career Mode.

I recently saw a link from SpencerFC's Twitter account, that took me to a Reddit page that had a download link to a similar tracker that somebody had made. I went away and made my own, which in my opinion looks a lot better due to added stats tables and a theme which replicates the new Premier League graphics.

The file that I am sharing with you is the one I am currently using in my Career Mode with Manchester United. However, you can edit it yourself fto use with whichever club you want, as it is an editable spreadsheet. You can replace the Manchester United badge with your own clubs badge and edit the tables to reflect your own club etc.

In no way am I trying to "steal the limelight", from the guy who originally came up with this idea. I am only interested in sharing my version, that I made from scratch, in case any of you guys like my version more and want to use it.

Here's the download link to the Stat Tracker:

Here's the download link to the new Premier League font which you will need to install if you want to see the font appear in your Stat Tracker:


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