Best formation/position for POTM Son

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Anyone tried POTM Son at CAM?... How did that work out?... And what is the max chem you can get him on in that position?

EDIT - what formation does he work best in?
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  • ghostreiter43
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    Wondering this myself tbh
  • Baznotsobad76
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    I've put a team together with Son at CAM... Don't think I'll get him on any more than 5 chem... Got to wait until morning to try it out though...
  • Baznotsobad76
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    Edited OP rather than making a new thread...

    Which formation and position are you getting the most out of Son in?
  • Gers2004
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    To be honest I've tried him In 4321 433(4) 4231(2) just can't seem to get beat out of him.
  • Baznotsobad76
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    This morning I tried him as a CAM in a 4312 but didn't seem to be very effective... Rooney was far better..
    Tried him in a 4141 as the LM but he was fairly anonymous there too...
  • Jason1986
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    Star player in any formation I've played him.

    451 (3 CM's) at LM was probably his best return in terms of goals/assists for me. Suits his High/High work rate and 5* weak foot.

    Might give him a go at CF in the False 9, think he's got the perfect stats required for that.
  • indcolts18288
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    Trade pile ;)
  • He has been fantastic for me in 4321 as LF
  • BlueC
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    Striker. You will find a way
  • HazzyDawwg
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    I have been using him at LM in a 4-1-4-1, and have had good success with him there, hes assisting and scoring regularly. I think it comes down to how you play and use him in game.

    I tend to use him to cut in and shoot across goal, most other times he just happens to be in the box at the right place right time, for rebounds and volleys, almost works as an outside forward.

    However I do use my own custom tactics and have given him specific player instructions, which seem to be doing wonders. I use get in behind, press back line, come in field, and minimal defensive duties and have given him free form as well. I balance this with my RM being the more defensive one to help out.

    I hope this helps
  • KeiranB98
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    4-3-3(3) at striker he is insane
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