FUT DRAFT WINNER PACKS...disappointing

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Won 2 drafts from my pre order and had 2x (2x premium gold player pack & 2 gold packs)...Only gave me like 40k...Considering an entry is 15k, what should someone enter a fut draft with packs like that.. only to have 5k profit as a winner?


  • Realist
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    1) better than opening packs
    2) better than making a loss
    3) better than a kick in the balls (combo of points 1 and 2)
    4) try winning in a few months time and making a profit when player prices are lower
    5) see you in a few months posting the same thing
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    I won and got like 15K worth back so.., thankfully it was a 'free' draft token from one of the SBC's
  • Heinz Harald
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    Well keep in mind that the packs you got are worth more than 15k. You are not supposed to pack a high rater player for a huge profit everytime.
  • CaptainDan-
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    Small sample size of 2 is too inaccurate to determine an average return on daft wins therefore your conclusion of 5k per win is misleading
  • Shevaelite
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    I'm awful at draft for some reason.

    Can win normal tournaments fairly often, but always get done on draft. Doesn't help that my team is usually useless
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