3atb hybrid help

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Avid 433(2) user here, but I've got a SBC Jonas, OTW Giuliano and an untradeable Bailly that I can't really get in a 433(2) squad I like without it being too Brazilian. Always enjoyed playing as Juve, and as Bayern in '16 in seasons so thought I'd give 3atb a go for the first time in UT.


Have this so far, was going to finish it off with Kabasele as the LCB, Holebas (who I thought was a lock for TOTW) at LM and Mitroglou as the other striker which I'd upgrade when he gets his inevitable IF. Don't really want that ugly, non-rare Holebas though so was hoping someone could fill in the blanks with something I like, Jonas can obvs be moved to the left striker if it's easier.
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