Anyone having issues with gk throw outs and throw ins

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It has happened quite a lot to me from patch yesterday were I power up bar for long throw an gk rolls it out to player in front of him with opposition players beside him
One bad touch later goal against me

Throw ins sometimes I'm point ion one direction it goes the opposite way

It not the controller it only new so just wondering has anyone else experienced this


  • SupaNoodle1990
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    edited October 2016
    Yeah throw ins seem to be weak tbh, and gk throws I do full power so there's no mistake.
  • Brownie1524
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    It's part of the new animation they added for throws which is just beyond dumb! This whole side arm throw now really f's things up.
  • Williejno1
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    It is just weird when I fully power up and he rolls it out to player 5 yards away
  • Jim
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    Lost a match yesterday when I did a full power throw and it triggered an animation that had the keeper take two steps and attempt a drop kick. Of course, that meant he dropped it right onto the feet of the striker.

    It's really annoying-- there are clearly still issues with the new engine, especially in the area. It's not worth attempting the counter sometimes if you're risking turning it over for no good reason.
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