Help with this squad

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Hey guys,

i got some problemes atm with this squad:


It definitely got everything imo but it's a bit weird in the attack, maybe it's IF Benteke? Definitely wanna upgrade Effenberg for Casemiro later on but i think Casemiro will do his job there. Some opinions on that? Definitely wanna keep Hazard and Bale. about 200k to improve.

Also i wanna know if someone got decent custom tactics for the 4321 because every opponent uses it nowadays and it's really hard to beat them if they got any custom tactics.


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    Not exactly what you need to know but I play 4-1-2-1-2 if with lb and rb to stay back and cdm to man mark, I don't think the man mark will work with a 3 man midfield but stay back on defenders should

    I find the 4-3-2-1 pretty easy to play against as soon as the first midfielder comes to press the ball on cdm then I have 2 cm's as options but usually can get it straight to the cam.

    If would play with the wingers not to come back at all and try to get as many 1 on 1's as you can
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