What a difference Shev makes

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just did fut champions and finish in gold 3 had 7 games left so could have gone higher but didn't have time.

ended up selling my team which was


juanfran - godin - pepe - filipe luis

iniesta - saul - rakitic


IF aspas - IF Gameiro

in 4-1-2-1-2

Seemed to play but never really smashed teams to bits always just 1 or 2 goals even in divisions

only players I kept were oblak - juanfran - saul - IF Gameiro

by the way Saul with the sentinel card is brilliant.

Built another team not really half as good other one consists of rafinha, boateng, andre gomes, varane and gimenez. Oh course Shev is up top

So jumped on FUT champions cup to qualify using Sheffield Wednesday team but Shev up top with good old Gary Hooper. This was where I just started to get to grips with him and he ripped the tournament to shreds pretty much finishes everything he hits good turn of pace and strength.

Although I not left with much coins sub 40k waiting on rewards then get trading again I plan on just keeping him and try to make a classic milan team now even changed kits just for the man himself. He is unreal averaging around 1.5 goals per game and that was just playing through div 5 and div 4 now in div3

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