Anyone use IF Podolski at striker?

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Im worried about his work rates. He would sadly be a lone striker which Im sure limits his effectiveness. I have Mario Gomez and I like him a lot,, the guy he scored 4 on in weekend league probably doesnt, but yeah. Any feedback would be great!!! Thanks


  • illinifan
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    I've used him and I was underwhelmed for the most part. His shooting on his left foot is really good, but his weak foot ruins him tbh.
  • x i L 3 M o N z
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    I made a team specially for him but he's very meh. Can give the ball a good ping and his free kicks are good but overall he's nowhere near as good as I expected.
  • DirtyDishFC
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    Dang....well I will try to get for a few k under his lowest bin and give him a go and if he doesnt work out then throw him up a breakeven price
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