Kit Clashes

4 posts Ball Boy
Way too many teams only have 2 kits of similar colours with no 3rd kits included, you end up having to play away and make the home team wear their away shirt! This is just so lazy and takes away from the realism as teams like Portsmouth and QPR etc have 3rd kits but EA have just left them out.

Also you should be able to mix and match shirt, shorts and socks as this would help the issue as well. PES had this like 10 years ago so it can't be that hard to do!


  • Geefiasco
    92 posts Park Captain
    I agree. I play as QPR and 1 in 3 matches have colour clashes and the only way to (sometimes) avoid it is to put the home team in their AWAY kit. Ridiculous that they've cut back on 3rd kits. QPR have had their 3rd kit in-games for many years except this year.

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