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Hi guys,

since I was thinking about starting out below the Premier League with a team like Norwich or Newcastle I was wondering whether they are still kept fairly original since they used to play in the Premier League last year. What I mean by that is: do they have the generic fan chants or their own proper chants like Tottenham and ManU? Also will Martin Tyler and Alan Smith refer to them as the away team or comment on their upcoming fixture as the away team or the home team or will they say: "Norwich will be playing Man United in their next game" and what not?

For me that's pretty important when choosing a team to go with so I want to have that and not just an original stadium. Last year I started with Pompey because of the misconception that, because they had been given their original stadium, they would be implemented properly into the game as well (chants and Smith and Tyler being able to say their name) but that wasn't so. This time I'd like to make sure.

I'd appreciate the info.


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    From what I can tell (not done a CM with any of the relegated teams) but I believe they've kept all their chants in, don't think it says about upcoming fixtures etc but could be mistaken.
  • I liked when you could add custom chants it was awesome... especially Rangers FC and Celtic fan chants made the ild firm rock. You used to be able to add entrance cystom music too which was great
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