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4231(CAMS) reviews?

Acer x
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Anyone give it a try this year. Haven't heard much about it. Have a team lined up to buy for it, not sure if i wanna waste my time trying it if it's poo this year.



  • gia
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    edited October 2016
    It's great imo. All four attacking players are involved and you can play either on the wings or through the center - you have both possibilities. And it's really solid defensively.
    my team
    (SansoneOTW instead of Gabbiadini first, good as well)

    Balo IF
    Sandro-Koulibaly-Paletta IF-Florenzi
  • pkingara
    417 posts Sunday League Hero
    I have tried several formations and this one works really well for me. Great balance, with decent attacking options and defensive security.

    Make sure your CAM has a good finesse shot, minimum four star weak foot. He will score most of your goals. Mine come from the edge of the box in far post.

    Wide cams pace is quite important but 72 upwards is fine, assuming you invest in the right chemistry cards.

    I'd recommend Matuidi and someone else relatively physical in the middle too.

    Wish I never changed from it as I lost quite a lot of coins changing teams - find myself seduced by others speaking about formations that have worked for them. Which probably means ignore my arguments for the formation and go with what normally works for you.
  • Acer x
    39 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Thanks for the info. Yea I'm struggling to find a formation that works best all-round, built a cheap team to test it out and really enjoyed it. Seemed solid in defence and attacking had great options and I'm sure with the correct players/settings you could be highly successful with it.

    I was thinking of going for something like this ( would be using all my coins tho )
    (Unable to post a pic, sorry)

    Alaba....boatang...... Smelling......colman

    All on full chemistry btw. Seems pritty solid on paper, would like to tweak some custom settings to have a tikkatakka feel about it on attack . Not sure how benzema will fair out, I'm sure he'll have plenty of chances with those three in behind.

    Haven't pulled the trigger on it yet, but I'd like to buy before Friday so I can qualify for the weekend league.
  • pkingara
    417 posts Sunday League Hero
    Had a very similar team, but James on the other side. As Ben Arfas right foot is better than James'. But I see you've done it for Alaba.

    If you have Matuidi they have a hyper link too.

    Benzema was good for me, but not perfect. Griezman obviously good (although power shots better than finesse), but I've now gone back to my Cazorla team.
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