Re-signing released (youth) players.

Ok so I scouted a GK with the potential to be the best in the world, I wanted to be able to sign him on free transfer, why would you not? So i released him from Uwara Reds and moved to Krasnodar, found him right there in free agents, where I left him. But now when I try and sign him 'Approaches have been blocked' .

Am I missing something here or am I supposed to think that this guy's agent is looking for a new club, but doesn't want to play in the champions league next season??

Give me your thoughts..


  • He doesn't want to play for you because you released him.
  • Possibly. Though it has been over a year now and this poor guy is still a free agent. Such a waste! Wish I could at least offer him double wages and juicy incentives.

  • I just noticed another bug. Upon signing a player on loan with option to buy you are required to pay the future fee immediately in order to complete the deal.

    Surely a future fee is paid after the loan period?
  • Placebo_PRS
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    Maybe it releases the money if you decide to not go through with it? It was a bit of a cheat that you could sign a full squad of "buy now pay later" players you never intended to sign permanently.
  • Ahh of course! Best way to get Messi hahah.
  • Jonx88
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    The problem you have with released youth players is exactly the same as last year and they still haven't patched it, basically you will never be able to sign them but they still come back in your scout reports etc, very annoying when bugs jump from one version of the game to the other without being fixed but hey it's career mode, if this problem was in UT it would be patched in 20 minutes!
  • Thanks Jonx88 for clarifying this.
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