Player Career & Pro Clubs - Player doesn't look like how you made him

So basically when I made my pro for player career mode I started noticing that he didn't really look like himself in game to how I made him. To further prove this I toke a screenshot of my player in game and my player in the customization menu. There isn't much of a difference but there definitely is some slight changes, the only thing that seems to be captured into the game is hair, facial hair and the complexion of the player as well as what he wears. As well as that on pro clubs my pro also doesn't look the same as how i made him look. I hope that this issue gets patched soon even if it is quite a minor issue.


  • This problem has been brought up many many times and really ruins the experience for a lot of people.
    I've seen no mention of them planning on fixing it or even acknowledging it.
    Always amazes me how many bugs make it through testing to the final game.
    Very disappointing.
  • I just noticed on the title one update that it has been addressed so I think they have fixed it now. :)
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