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  • Thorpey8
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    Serie A licence, Edit Mode, improved player faces, improved player individuality, full la Liga presentation, option to mix and match the kits up example being changing sock or shorts colour.

    Add extra commentary teams, e.g. BT Sport
  • tell me if I'm crazy. but I would like to see jerseys change as career mode goes. As you improve your team, you should get more prestigious sponsor and better jersey brands... I'm currently playing career mode with Blackpool fc (picked at random really) and I'm in the premier league and I still have the division 2 patch and I have the brand errea (never heard of it) the sponsorship: tp (never heard of it). I would like to choose brand and sponsorship(hopefully real sponsors. chevy Samsung emirates etc etc ) based on who offers the most money per game and/or win. if Adidas puma, nike and others let EA sports used their different types of kits to choose from and customize and sponsors let us change colors of their logo to integrate better on the uniform colors(you can't see white lettering on a white jersey), and teams let us put their logo on kits that are not their current ones then and only then I will buy another fifa game. Its the same game every year. Better graphics and a new game mode that I'm not going to use aren't going to win me over. But making career mode more realistic will. Jerseys change year to year. Sponsor change year to year. AND IF WE CAN PUT A MAN ON THE GOD DAMN MOON, WE CAN AT LEAST UPDATE THE PATCH TO THE LEAGUE i GOT PROMOTED TO. (sorry bout that, but I was rather disappointed when that div 2 patch was still on my teams sleeve when I got promoted) I know there might be some copyright issues, but deal with it. what do you guys think?
  • Supercorner24
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    Indoor soccer.
  • LovaN
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    Good morning :)

    I and my friends only Play 2vs2. Its a funny Game. But ist boring after 200 Matches. We arent Play 1vs1, but we like the FUT Mod. Why you dont make a 2vs2 MOD FUT ? so a Team have to divide his FUT Team. Thats will be cool and i buy Fifa 18 than. But if they dont make a new Option for 2vs2 i dont buy and Play it anymore. Its bored than.
  • Solja
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    This is fifa 15 and look at how realistic the pitch was on overcast or rain daytime compared to fifa 17 it looks dull why are they downgrading EA THINK WE DONT REALISE THIS BUT WE DO
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  • Here are a few things I’m hoping for this fall for FIFA 18…
    1. First and foremost, please Please PLEASE allow us to save more than three tournaments at a time!! This gives us a lot more variety, flexibility and re-playability. I myself, in the past, used to create Serie A, La Liga and EPL season tournaments, along with Champions League, Euro and World Cup tournaments. This way I could bounce back and forth between different tournament types and teams. For the first time ever, I had to buy PES to be able to have the variety that I wanted. I don’t see why EA would want to limit our ability to play their game?
    2. I would also like to see a slider for referee strictness. I can go multiple games without even getting a yellow card, much less a red card. And others complain that they're getting too many red cards. Having a slider would allow SOME customization at least.
    3. I would really also like to see an accumulation of fatigue over the course of a continuing season or tournament. Add some realism by making me have to juggle my lineup and having to manage resting my players at times.
    4. Lastly, I would like to see more variations on kit accessories, different colored undershirts, etc.
  • Tman657
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    Seems though it's ultimate team. You should be able create your own badge and kit. That makes your team unique.
  • MacDaddy
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    The AI needs to be toned down, it's ridiculous this year. Assisting people to win, what's the point in divisions then? Match people up properly and stop being lazy EA!
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