Using RT button (Sprint) for Analog Sprinting: Are the benefits worth it?

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I know there are questions like that posted on these forums and elsewhere.

But I still want some feedback with regards to Analog Sprinting and would like to ask whether the benefits of using it are worth it. For more than 10 years since playing FIFA and PES using a gamepad I always used RB (Right Bumper) to sprint in FIFA and PES. In fact in PES 5/6 Right Bumper was always the default for sprinting and that was always the button I found most comfortable for sprinting as you never had to hold down the button with too much effort to sprint, unlike with the Right Trigger.

However, I was never aware that Analog Sprinting does not work with RB since RB does not use button sensitivity at least not on the 360 pad for Analog Sprinting to work.

A few days ago I decided to switch to RT as an experiment for sprinting to see how Analog Sprint works. I understand there are some benefits of using RT for Sprinting as you can control the speed of the player runs and possibly help you with conserving stamina.

But I have still found it a little difficult to adapt to using RT for Sprinting since you have to hold down the RT button and it is a little bit like an elastic feel for the finger. But I am still happy to try and adapt to using RT for Sprinting should the benefits of using it are worth the sacrifice. I do have to admit I have adapted to using it somewhat over the last few days although not fully like with RB.

But I would still like to know whether the benefits of using RT for sprinting with Analog Sprint turned to On would have more benefits compared to Off? As this would help me determine whether it's worth continuing using RT for Sprint or return back to using RB for Sprinting.

Many thanks.


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    Actually ive been playing like you since fifa 09 and i would like to know some more about this subject aswell.

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    The benefit is actually to conserve your hardware.
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    Is sprint on/off or if you use the trigger button can you use a gradual amount of sprint (like a throttle in a racing game)
  • I used to play like that too, until I noticed that analog sprint can only be used with RT not RB. D'oh!

    From my personal experience, using analog sprint is really beneficial when you defend beside conserving stamina. You can control your defender's pace so you can position them better to close the gap that otherwise can be exploited by your opponent (by passing or dribbling through the gap). When I use RB it's more difficult because the defender instructed to accelerate to his top speed, making it hard to position him correctly unless I press and release RB repeatedly, which is tiring.

    On the other hand, using analog sprint to attack depends on your play style in my opinion. If you like to dribble a lot it may help you slightly in controlling the pace. But if you're more like a tiki taka man, you may find it redundant
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