Players ALWAYS rejecting contracts

Hi guys,
I keep having the same problem where a start play of mine asks for a new contract then immediately rejects the contract. There seems to be no wage level you can offer them to make them accept.

I am managing PSG and I have already had 3 players do this to me. First Marquinos, then Kurzawa and now Veratti. With Marquinos I short term loaned him to Barca, agreed a new contract then recalled him which fixed the issue but you cannot always do this. I ended up trading Kurzawa plus money for Pogba and now I have Veratti reject my contract only a month on from the Kurzawa saga. So Veratti rejected a contract so I offered him 750,000 a week and he still turned that down. But when I look at his profile the reason he is unhappy because he feels he should be paid more.

Does anyone have any tips to fix this issue?

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