Presentation Packages

The Premier League presentation package last year looked excellent, and really helped to add an additional level of realism to the game.

The generic versions this year, for pretty much everything but the FA Cup and Bundesliga, are dull and become irritating after just a few games. EA like to highlight their close connection to leagues, yet haven't bothered to extend this to the games.

If they're going to release a patch, I can only hope that they update the graphics and help make the presentation for each league unique. I understand that FUT is where EA really make their money from the game, but for those of us that don't play it that often - or at all - it'd be nice if some of that could filter down a little.

A couple of example:



  • Can I just say.... a big thankyou to EA for implementing the prem league presentation. I for one was very disappointed that it wasnt there but am really happy now. Thanks EA. Awesome.
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