Outside foot free kick happening at stupid times.

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Is anyone else getting this? The outside foot free kick should only happen when you put a player on his uncomfortable side. Take for example Bale, outside of the foot should happen if you move him almost onto a straight run up to the ball, he should go for an outside of the foot with his left. Because he's left footed.

But I'm currently getting a problem where if I move him even more onto his favoured side, like move further away from the ball, perfect for really wrapping his stronger left foot around it, he'll run up and hit it with the OUTSIDE of his WEAK foot?!?!

Anyone else getting this? Is there a fix or is it just broken?


  • gs90
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    You gotta take the camera angle for the run up into account as well, perhaps that's your problem. But yeah, at times it's kinda unpredictable.
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