how to avoid losing when suffering from unresponsive gameplay

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a quick google search will tell you that a lot of people encounter this issue and have done for a number of years. whereby sometimes your team will feel slick, fast, and smooth and other times it will feel slow, clunky, and unresponsive. i've tried to get to the bottom of it to no avail and can tell you that in my experience there is no "fix" instead i'd like to ask in your opion what is the most effective way to avoid losing when your are in the midst of an unresponsive match? im struggling in division two right now and can barely scrape gold 1 in champions. i know that if i just keep playing through the stodgyness eventually the gameplay fixes itself and i can go on a nice run, my main aim at the minute is to avoid losing when it becomes clear that it's gunna be one of "those games" any advice guys? cheers


  • Alergi
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    Best advice I can give from my experience is to hold up the play, and be patient with your passes. If your opponent is high pressing, use the l2 shielding and get fouls, make sure you do as much 1-2 passes as you can, this normally throws them off.
  • SuperRob
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    You just have to try and pass it around and take long shots. I find that if i play through balls the wingers or striker get caught easily and just removed from the ball with ease. All my goals will therefore come from passing to goal and taking a quick shot when i find a fraction of space. Half the time it will be closed down or blocked or saved but there isnt much you can do. Like in real life when lesser teams play better teams, set peices are probably your best bet of a goal.

    In defence it about denying space and not letting the attackers run at you. Once they have turned you its game over. The odd tactical foul also helps in this situation.
  • SSSplendid
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    Have attacking players with high agility/balance and speed etc so they can move better in laggy unresponsive games. Maybe have a big striker on the bench good at heading like Benteke, whip more crosses in.
  • CowBRAH
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    Git gud newb
  • Quinn87
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    Bronze bench... thank me later.
  • Warren
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    The other day in a FUT Champions match, I was legitimately experiencing a 2 second input lag. It was impossible to even change player properly...
  • NotFromSomerset
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    Best advice is to play something else for an hour or so and come back
  • Stkyfngz
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    Take a break, might be lag or whatever. But i hate it this year when i can't switch a player to get to a ball and im stuck to another player whose chasing the ball from halfway across the screen.
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