Career Mode Continued Issues

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Wow where to start.

Right I want to start by saying I play a loads of Fifa Offline have done for years, Pro Evo before that and Fifa before that again, kick off, sensible soccer, Italia 90 etc, etc

I do not find any game as irritating as Fifa from any game genre due to the lazy programming that continues through this series.

The fact that your players are hindered to make the game harder is just plain awful and I'm sick of it. In every single game you will play and think wtf is going on...why is my defender not tracking, why does it take 25 years to pull a shot off, why are my passes randomly going slow when I held the button down for a month. There is no format and consistency to Fifa at all, one minute professional level against Scunthorpe will be ok then the second half will kick off and they are untouchable. I'm sat thinking what the hell happened at halftime....

I will battle one day with Dortmund and it will be insanely hard then beat Barca four nil. The random way this game decides to play is soul destroying. I'll think right I've won a few games on prof and got the hang of it then I'll lose to a team that is just unplayable and I have to re think the whole situation.

One of my biggest hang up's is stats on players they seem to mean nothing, I created a 6,4 player with full strength, jump, header and probably had as much success rate in the air as i would with messi. it seems that stats work when the computer feels they should. We all know the pace and strength issues in Fifa where suddenly Ibra will get knocked off the ball by 5,4 player with 45 strength or Ronaldo can't sprint away from Huth.

Fifa 17 close skill control....simply doesn't exist, come out of a great turn or flick then let the ball run 3 yards ahead of yourself. HONESTLY EA have you watched Neymar in real life he has the ball under a spell much do lots of very highly skilful players but instead they are sluggish idiots.

I find this whole game a massive let down with loads of negatives and very little positives. I'm not sold by a fancy new career mode its just late drip fed crap. I could brain storm 10 ideas that could of been added in ages ago but EA's main aim is Ultimate team, a cretin filled vile community. I love playing pro clubs with my mates but you can't talk to half of the people who play UT, I had one guy call me a test tube baby for scoring a goal against him, which is just plain mad.

I will of course keep playing this latest game because I have an XBOX One which has the most awful game selection since time fact **** it I'm dustin the PS1 off and playing decent RPG's when it was about releasing finished great games.......not in game profit making piles of ****.

Dizzle Out.

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