Anyone previously had non stop issues with bidding ban?

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Last week I got the transfer market bidding bad. I was basically mass bidding on players and it's obviously triggered something. I'm cool with that but my issue is that ever since that I keep receiving the ban incredibly easy. Was locked out yesterday, got on today and bid on about 12 players and suddenly I'm banned again. It's like my profile now has a black mark on it. And it's making trading incredible difficult.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues in previous FIFAs? And if there was a way around it?


  • 47goonz
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    I'm the same mate, total pain in the A

    Anyone know a way around this? Ive reset my console and tried to toggle between webapp console and companion but its annoying man, trading is a part to the game, ive not broken any rules by bidding on multiple players, believe me none of my 'snipes' are even worth noting so i dunno why they are continuing to ban me. Cant even buy a buy now during fut champions. Annoying
  • P
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    Yeah it's annoying af
  • Diggy
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    Use all 3 platforms alternatively I do get bans but not often
  • DarthGrowler
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    Play more games
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