Has anybody got more then 24 skill points?

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Hi I saw someone on the leader board today with 26 skill points worth of traits and just wondering is it possible to obtain more then 24 as I haven't got none in like 50-60+ matches. The reason i'm not fully convinced when looking at this guys pro is because this could be just a glitch with EA servers because the other day I was looking at my friends pro before a match in the club squad menu and it still said he had giant throw in but he was adamant he didn't and when I checked in match he didn't have it so the EA servers could be slow updating peoples traits when someone removes one as that's happened to my friend. If anybody knows if its possible to get more then 24 please let me know please.

In these screen shots below I try to have exactly the same traits as example (B) but i'm 2 skill points short.

(A) My pro with 24 skill points 2 skill points short of buying the acceleration trait

(B) Random guys pro on leaderboard with 26 skill points spent on traits as he manged to afford the acceleration trait which costs 4 skill points which makes him have 2 skill points more then me.
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    24 is the max.
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    On a side note I don't know much about it. So 24 is the max. Is it better to buy things such as 5 star weak foot and skill moves, and the traits rather than actual stat upgrades, as you can get the stat upgrades by winning games anyway?

    Then once you've spent 15 or so on the traits/skills, maybe spend the other 9 on the main stats you want?

    And can you cash in ones you've spent already and spend them on something else later?

    I know everyone will have different opinions but is that roughly how it works?
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    I'm 93 rated striker
    Pain things I use...
    pace (both of them)
    And strength
    After that shooting....
    I guess it depends on your player and where you play...
    the higher you level up the less you need to put passing traits on...

    It also depends on your friends style of play :-)
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