My Player Career Mode questions.


I have a few questions about FIFA 17, I really hope EA fixed this year about My Player Career and a bit in general.

1. Can you start on the bench and be substituted into the game in MPC?
2. Is it possible to become a Captain of both your club, and national team?
3. Have they changed their AI managers poorly transfer bugs?
4. How many years/seasons can I play in total?
5. Is there any changes in the crowd attendance, so you can actual see empty seats?

Thanks for all your answers.


  • 1. No
    2. Haven't been able to find an answer yet either
    3. Apparently not
    4. Who cares...did you really play all 15 years in fifa16?.....really
    5. Why would you want to see empty seats? I would love to just be able to see more of the stadium, like as in a "Gladiator" (the movie) type of way. To get a sense of what must be an imposing or inspiring site for the players.

    Your welcome for all of my answers.
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