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As someone who’s been buying EA Sports’ FIFA games on-and-off since the very first one on the Megadrive, I just wanted to give some feedback on the game and in particular career mode. I feel that career mode needs more attention than it currently gets. I totally understand the reasons why, but I just think that with a bit more effort put into it that it could be truly phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still enjoyable, but for me the game should be all about realism and immersion, and there are a few things that career mode always falls down on.

• Contextual crowds – This is a massive one for me. It just totally breaks immersion if a team is getting hammered at home, and the whole crowd stays until the end of the match. Yes they go quiet and might boo, but they should start leaving. Also, it would be amazing if attendances could fluctuate based on how your team is performing and who they’re playing. So, go on a run of wins or play a local rival and your stadium is packed. Lose a few matches and it might be half empty. The new career mode mentions attendance as one of the objectives, so how about reflecting that in the actual matches?
• Fact checking – For leagues below the major ones (Premier League, Bundesliga etc) this seems to be a bit shoddy. This year my team (Nottingham Forest) had two players listed as permanent transfers who are actually on loan, and the home kit’s arm badges had the wrong division on. I presume there are researchers who look into this stuff?
• Changing/contextual kits – If a team changes division then their arm badges should do too. It’s a small point but again it’s an immersion-harmer. Also, if you’re playing a career mode for several years it would be nice if you could at least change your away kit colours.
• Player homesickness – Having your overseas import pining for their home country, only to then go and sign for another team in your own country’s league, is pretty dumb.
• Choosing new stadia mid-career – If I’ve taken a team from a low league to a higher one I might want to increase the capacity of its stadium. We should at least be able to choose a new generic stadium between seasons if nothing else.
• Changing weather/lighting conditions during matches – Now FIFA has moved to the Frostbite engine, might we see more variety in the match conditions? For example, starting a game in daylight but with the floodlights going on mid-match? Sudden rainstorms? Sunlight changing as the day draws on?
• Release clauses – You should be able to insert release clauses into players’ contracts, whether you’re playing the game as a manager or a player yourself.

Player career mode
• Contracts and salary – I played player career mode in FIFA 16 a lot. So-much-so that I ended up as the highest-rated player in the game, worth over £80m on the transfer market. However, I was still on my basic starting wage of £6k per week, and never got any opportunity to change this. Not once was my contract reviewed. The only way I could hope to change this was by submitting a transfer request – which was always declined.
• Poor CPU manager logic – My player’s team won the Premier League and Champions’ Cup several times, yet still insisted on keeping, and picking, a poor player instead of strengthening their squad. The CPU manager doesn’t seem to recognise weaknesses or shortcomings in its squad. I’ve also had situations where the manager has sold all their goalkeepers, causing the game to crash as the next match cannot be played.

It’d be great if you could look at this feedback – and the rest which you doubtless get from many players – and try to implement some of the suggestions you receive. I appreciate that some will be difficult if not impossible, but I’m sure some could be done and would therefore help to make the FIFA experience for us offline players even better still.



  • bonjour, tous ce que vous dites ce trouvait sur le lfp manager mais maintenant il ne le font plus ils ont arrété à lfp manager 2014
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    I've answered the ones I know. This is just based on a few days I've had with the game so far. These aren't set in stone, so I would be glad to be proven wrong, but from my understanding so far:

    • Contextual crowds – Crowds seem to stay the same. Atmosphere sounds good. Attendances do matter because you sometimes have an objective to have (for example) at least over 85% home capacity for at least half your home games during season. You don't notice visually in the stadium though.

    • Fact checking – Not sure but as with all other Fifa's arm badges don't change. For loans, I have noticed anyone that is on loan normally is. I believe only exception is if the parent club has too many players for their roster (52 max I think)

    • Changing/contextual kits – Badges don't change. Unable to edit kits

    • Player homesickness – This still happens, had it other night. He did not specifically say he wasn't fitting into country but his status said homesick. Still moved to another team in my league lol

    • Choosing new stadia mid-career – You can change stadium at start of career but thats it unfortunately. I remember you could invest and improve your stadium way back in Fifa 2005...

    • Changing weather/lighting conditions during matches – Nope and not noticed if so.. there is a 'showers' weather but not really noticed since I'm more concentrating on the game

    • Release clauses – No clauses. Just usual wage and goal/clean sheet bonuses.

    Hope this helps! Again be happy to be corrected etc if I'm wrong but this is based on what I've noticed so far.
  • I can see how you could be annoyed at these, with some particularly frustrating.
    However, I personally, find the continuing glitches which have carried over most infuriating,
    I think in the past three FIFAs including 17 there has been a recurring glitch where yellow cards appear to carry over from season to season, so if you have a player who received 4 in the previous season, even one you signed in the transfer window, they remain one yellow away from suspension which is incredibly frustrating and jarring whenever it happens.

    Another frustrating glitch is the subs bench gradually decreasing in size as each season goes on, just encountered this for the first time which drove me to write this.
    Or in relation to commentary if you have a slight delay on taking the free kick, even if it's due to the wall encroaching, the commentators will mention about the crowd getting annoyed about time wasting... in the 10th minute. Or being "excited about this one, and I know a lot of the fans are too.", how many fans of a Stoke or Aston Villa are really excited about the upcoming encounter. Just a bit of common sense that is lacking from the commentary, again a fairly easy fix with some formulas for timing, i.e. is it the second half, are they drawing or winnign?, position in the table and geographically.

    There are countless other similar errors which could all be really quite easily fixed and I can't understand why they haven't done so.
  • To be honest, I think they should concentrate on the following first:

    Ability to download players that people have created - I want the players that I grew up with in the game, not these new second rate players. Many other sports games have this and even Fifa itself used to

    Game faces - obvious isn't it, to be able to add the players you want.

    Of course these would be easy for EA to add to the game, but they are either lazy or stupid, probably both.

    I have not purchased Fifa 17 as I had no assurance these features were in the game and now it has been confirmed that they are not I have no intention of purchasing. I will stick with Football Manager.
  • It appears the objectives in manager mode are just targets and have no real impact on your club which has proved disappointing.

    As far as game play goes I am scoring goals the same way as I have been since fifa15 which makes me feel as though I have been playing the same game for the last 3 years.
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