Clarification on the dedicated server usage for FUT champions #GetServersForFUTChampionsWorldwide

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Hi @Rob ,

Many people are having issues with the button delay in FUT champions, especially people who are based in regions other than US/EU. I firmly believe the reason for this is the use of dedicated servers for this game mode, even though it hasn't been confirmed by EA either way, unsurprisingly.

Here are some questions that I have :
  1. If EA advertises this game mode so heavily prior to launch, why are the servers only based in US/EU?
  2. If they didn't set up servers in other locations, why is it not mentioned by them? They might as well call it "FUT champions US/EU"
  3. Does EA have no obligation at all to its customers? Is the only thing that they care about their revenue?
  4. Is there any future plans to set up dedicated servers in other locations? If so, what is the timeline for this?

Even though I know the answers to all of my questions, I still think that EA should answer them.
Last year we had #Chemgate, now it is the turn of #FUTchampionsGate it seems like.
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