Some of the frustrating things I found in FIFA 17

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ive been playing this game for a good two weeks now. The first few days it was fun and I guess its the case with any game but after a few days everything started going down the toilet. sometimes I think this game is so frustrating that it takes away every last drop of joy and leaves with nothing but frustration. Maybe I am too old and I expect too much. I have been playing fifa since the first game Internation Soccer 94, now at thirty years old, this is the first time I feel so frustrated with this series. now to the problems.

1. Infamous Input Lag for shots and passes:(online and offline)
I mean come on, it takes three seconds since you fill the bar for the shooting animation to start. I personally believe EA implemented this to give AI controlled defenders time to make the interception. SOOOOO FRUSTRATING
2. Players running diagonally after the ball instead of running straight (here messi no less)

3. Miserable defending mistakes. I mean what the hell is this?

4. So much for EA BOASTED TEAM MATE AI. manual switching doesn't switch to the desired player most of the times. autoswithing is a nightmare

look at this guy WALKING AWAY from the ball at the edge of the box

I am starting to give up on this game.
are you guys also struggling with similar problems?


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    The defensive AI is way too good to the point it is boring and dumb. Not even playing the other guy as much as the AI.

    But there are some **** def see mistakes. I headed a cross for my gk to catch today and he proceeded to volley it midair straight into his own goal. How is that even allowed EA ?
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