Why are certain teams' players consistently over/under rated?

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For example, Everton and Tottenham (minus Lloris) are usually underrated while teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Man United, and Arsenal are consistently overrated.


  • TacoDaPug
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  • Reus
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    Everton were utter crap last season why would they have high ratings
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    Reus wrote: »
    Everton were utter crap last season why would they have high ratings


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    I build and use a Tottenham team every year and dont think they are underrated. This year I think the ratings are bang on, the team plays well together. I will agree with overrated arsenal and man u players though, every year
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    Consistency I guess, you can just upgrade a whole team by 10-15 overall can ya
  • Benjog88
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    With the exception of Rooney and Smalling who is overrated in that United team?
  • MO11AS7
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    Can I just ask what Arsenal players people believe are over-rated?
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    How are 'Pools players overrated lmao

    Coutinho being the exception
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    For the same reason you pick up a national newspaper and it's full of United, Liverpool, etc, even when both are slogging it out in mid-table with Leicester and Tottenham top of the league.


    Sports games, newspapers, TV channels, they'll always favour the clubs with the most supporters because weight of numbers drives sales.

    There's less Everton fans in the country, they don't need to be appealed to in the same way Liverpool fans do because there's millions of the latter all round the world.

    Sad but true. That's football, it's life.
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