Before every match, I get info on Leyton Orient's Table Position.

Mad Dog Smith
47 posts Park Captain
Not my teams position in the table.

Not my opponent's position in the table ...

But the position of Leyton Orient. Every single time.

Anybody else having this problem?


  • jamin33
    81 posts Park Captain
    Yep I'm spurs in a career mode and was playing against Chelsea in this particular game yet it showed where Sunderland where in the table
  • ACMilan
    21 posts Ball Boy
    I'm Birmingham City and always get Norwich's leagueposition despite playing against another team.
  • mjtheslambam323
    173 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Yes same problem in Serie A career. I play with Inter Milan and in a game vs Fiorentina they show table with AC Milan highlighted and discuss their season. Wack ****
  • MJHD91
    69 posts Park Captain
    Same, I'm West ham and every now and then they talk about man uniteds season when they ain't even my opponent, and they will be highlighted in the table before the match kicks off.
  • HolgerBadstuber
    5212 posts Big Money Move
    Same here, playing as Hamburg and they always talk about Dortmund
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