Help with defending

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I would consider myself pretty good at defending, but i seem to concede the same kind of goal almost every time: my opponent plays a throughball to a pacey player, my defender intercepts it but the opponents striker immediately steals the ball off of my defender and is now through on goal. Any way to defend this properly?


  • Thfcspur23
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    It is actually much better in this game than 16. Used to happen to me last year, but they made some changes. First you just have to think fast. Drop it to the keeper if he's running alongside you or even clear it if you need to. Secondly, use the L2? button to push that fast weak little ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off the ball, but make sure you keep holding sprint. You can get away with a few grabs, but don't pull down the player as the last man. It's a red card as I experienced a few times.
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