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investments ???

516 posts Sunday League Hero
Guys, im going to be away on holidays for next month won't be able to play fifa. What players should i consider investing in ?


  • Acker
    1171 posts Moderator
    To be honest we need to see the impact of the weekend league

    The amount of packs that will be won is massive and could lead to a massive drop

    I for one are holding off investing in anything
  • rids007
    516 posts Sunday League Hero
    Cheers Acker, might just follow ur advice and hold.
  • DKCena
    1710 posts Play-Off Hero
    Got OTW Mane in SBC and he will be my "investment" as I see this card will be worth a lot of coins in a couple of months. I'll keep trading cheap golds as the risk is almost non exsisting :)
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