FIfa rewards terrible play

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I dominated a game but lost due to this bs. This stuff happens to me about 8/10 games. STOP REWARDING TERRIBLE PLAY. I play full manual controls


  • Nassau
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    I think your frustration comes from manual controls, I know it's hard to play against players that use AI assistance, but that play can happen, is not scripted.

    I feel your pain cause I play manual as well, but let's be real, is venting what you did here.

    If you have posted something like 2 defenders from your side are in collision and they score an own goal (which I saw on my games and even on opponent side) then yes, that's terrible.
  • keef29dawg
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    so you didn't see the goalie punch the ball straight into the open opposite winger? I see a goalie who should have caught the ball, he is a good goalie too!
    Constantly there is something else that has been happening for years I call the "tackle pass". So many times I will play one of the 3 over rated teams in the game RM, Barca or Bayern; Those teams or the "favored" team will often tackle the ball right to one of their team's feet. I get that balls get tackled into space but as a REAL LIFE DEFENDER I would rarely tackle the ball 30 yards down the field. The tackle mechanics are so off where the ball goes it's wild. As a defender I was taught to tackle through someone's dribble, if i were to get a tackle on you I would drive the ball through your foot to knock you down. I would rarely be able to tackle the ball 30 yards down the field, nor would i want to.

    I play manual vs. manual matches for the most part. I am a great manual player, usually have more possession(concentrated from midfield build up with a cross or long shot finish) and more pass percentage than my opponent.

    I just finished a match where the other team used BARCA, they could not do anything in the 1st half, I had 3 bicycle shots all within 10 yards(only one hit the net all 3 with Cavani or Di Maria) only one on target which he stopped. I'm Okay with this stat because its really hard to score a bike in real life, which is why I score one every 10 games. I find its easier to hit the net with a finesse but I can score more on target with just regular shots.
    The only 2 shots he had in the game where on a tackle in which his defender(with no stamina) made and the ball went directly 40 yards down the field to a standing still Neymar(like the ball was a magnet to him since he did not move) he sprinted around like a chicken whom lost his head and ripped a shot with Neymar, my goalie blocks it hits the pipe to a wide open Messi whom heads it right in the net. Match Facts Me: Pass%=82, Possession=74%(most was in midfield and more in his offensive than my defensive), Shots on target=10. Him Pass%=42 Possession=26%, Shots on target: 2(the two used to score...). Score to the game 1:1

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    Question. What minute of the game did that goal happen at.
  • keef29dawg
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    Which one?
    The video was in the first 5 minutes of the game.
    The description was in the second half when i ran his team ragged and he had no stamina still sprinting through and around everything.
    Players like Neymar are so overated and so good at defense its terrible. Seasons have been ruined.. due to the fact that we can't see whom we are playing(both squad and jersey colors) and that everyone is so originally Barca, Bayern, or Real Madrid.
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